Saturday, August 26, 2006

Learning Language Korean Background

Category: [Learning Language Korean]

A little background on what will be covered in this category is due, so you can have a good perspective on some of the assumptions I may make/mistake.

My familiarity with the langues stems from having been to Korea many times over the past five years, purchasing and hearing Pimsleur's Comprehensive Korean over the past year, and having watched many Korean dramas and movies (with English subtitles on). I'll send out some recommendations as this unfolds.

My familiarity with Korean on computers stems from a project at work in 2002 that typed using a Korean keyboard to translate some specifications and technical information. As a result of that, I had memorized the keyboard layout and can freely type without the external Korean keyboard. I will show a Korean Keyboard layout in a separate post, but if you don't feel like purchasing an external keyboard these Korean Keyboard Stickers can be affixed to your existing laptop/external keyboard.

Since the medium of a blog isn't very audio-centric; the focus will be on history, culture, written/typed Korean, and vocabulary. Hope it is useful, I will expect to update the vocabulary rapidly because I already know many words thanks to Pimsleur's lessons, but do not know how to spell them.


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